• Be a Smart HR

    Automate HR Processes
    Integrate Time, Attendance and Leave
    Manage Payroll & Benefits
    Ensure HR Compliance

  • Care & Concern

    We value and nurture every relationship. We believe in the 3A's - Accuracy, Adaptability and Accountability ensuring Customer delight and proficiency in every act. Meeting Client needs and solutionising is in the DNA of all Ascentians

  • Excellence

    At Ascent, our inherent approach to assisting a client in any function always provides the best combination of skills & knowledge resulting in an excellent outsourcing service or solution


  • Proven solutions with over 13 years of industry experience since inception.
  • Vast domain knowledge of HR processes, H R Service Delivery, Payroll Management, Benefits Administration, H R Compliance and H R Consulting.
  • Ability to translate business requirements into actionable solutions.
  • Capability to work on hybrid solutions and seamless interoperability with legacy systems.
  • Supported by a wealth of professionals in the fields of Law, Accounting, Taxation and HR.
  • We have assisted enterprises of different sizes and scale across the globe.
  • Our solutions are industry agnostic while meeting specific needs of any vertical.


  • Custom solutions built on proven technology platforms like Open Source, Sybase and Microsoft.
  • Mature products stack developed over the years while meeting new age requirements and changes in technology landscape.
  • Architecture and changes are not just up to date but compete with the best in class in the industry both from Process and Technology Use.
  • Ascent believes in internally developed products to afford speed and flexibility, explained in detail under the H R Automation section.
  • Ease of use, anywhere access and flexibility to adopt to hybrid models of deployment are unique advantages of our Technology.
  • Agile methods for development ensures rapid development and meeting of customer needs.
  • Applications are robust for information security and functionality as well.


  • Adaptability is key to Ascent services to any enterprise.
  • Streamlining of processes to adapt to changes of processes, size or scale quickly.
  • Vast domain has created adequate configurability for most of the applications and client challenges can be met with ease.
  • In-house Research and Training to ensure changes in legislation and industry practices are adopted quickly.
  • Our services are flexible and can accommodate different scenarios of not just requirements but also mode of deployment.

IT Infrastructure

  • Robust Data Center with Redundancies in all necessary aspects like Power, Connectivity, AC, UPS & Generator.
  • Security Systems with surveillance for Fire, Water Leakage, Humidity and Temperature.
  • Highly secure and Available Infrastructure with 24*7 monitoring.
  • Disaster recovery center at Hyderabad and alternate emergent Practice Center at Bangalore.
  • Business Continuity Center at Mumbai and Delhi with identical I T Infra.

Key Team

Subramanyam S

Founder & CEO

Subramanyam, is the Founder President and CEO of Ascent. He is a Corporate Lawyer and a Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Subbu, had close to two decades of experience in Finance, Legal, Tax and Business Management, having worked in these areas in various corporates as a passionate professional before venturing to be an entrepreneur by setting up Ascent in the year 2002.

Geeta L

Co-Founder & Sr. VP - Operations

Geeta, is the Co-Founder and the Senior Vice President of Operations at Ascent. Geeta is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Member of the Institute of Costs and Works Accountants of India. Prior to founding Ascent, Geeta had close to a decade of experience in Audits, Taxation and Finance having started her career at P W C Hyderabad and later established herself as a practicing chartered accountant at Bangalore.

Keshav Chander

VP - Sales & Marketing

Keshav is the Vice President Sales & Marketing at Ascent. He has been part of the management team since 2005 and has contributed immensely in its growth phase.

Ascent was Founded in 2002 by two professionals from the fields of Law and Finance, Subramanyam and Geeta L.


Be a Global Leader in powering HR Delivery Systems, associated Mission-Critical and Information-Sensitive Processes.


It is our mission at Ascent to enable an Enterprise to serve it's People Assets, to enhance their potential to Create Value.

It is our conviction that People Assets power a successful enterprise. It is our belief that an efficient and effective People Practice within a successful enterprise enables its People Assets to perform better and create ever-increasing social, strategic and business value.

At the core of our Vision & Mission, we have a comprehensive understanding of the People Practice domain.

Understanding that every enterprise has a unique and a differentiated People Process, we customize  solutions (allowed within the limits of technology) that best serves our Customers needs.

We continuously develop proprietary intellectual property, cutting edge applications and a robust IT infrastructure platform to help Enterprises enable its People Processes.

We deliver cutting edge information technology products, solutions and services that enable the business process in the People Practice area of an enterprise.

Ascent's Value System is its defining force and has a profound impact on all our key stakeholders.


Trust is our core value and the backbone of our existence. At Ascent, we are committed to integrating trust with every aspect of our business process. Human assets and information concerning human capital is the wealth of an enterprise and we are its trusted custodians.

Excellence in customer service: We see our success as a reflection of our clients success. We shall continuously strive to make our operating process responsive to best suit our clients requirements.

Employees & Associates

Care and concern: We believe in bringing the best out of our associates, and to enable this, we have created a caring and rewarding workplace for them.

Transparency and Work Ethics: We are committed to upholding our client's trust through transparent and ethical practices.

The Society

As responsible corporate citizens, we endeavor to empower the underprivileged through education and employment

Interestingly, the key to managing people better, is better people! That is why, at Ascent, we respect the Limitless Spirit of ingenuity and the ability of our own People Assets to add value to our clients. Our People Assets are encouraged to create winning IT products, solutions and services that empower, enable and transform the People Process of an enterprise.

Ascent believes that People Practice is an ongoing voyage of discovery, learning and development. The challenges and evolutions that confront Human Resource professionals and organizations are ones that rise and fall with the changing tides of business and people needs. No single solution can address all challenges or meet the needs of H R professionals across several industries. We therefore set upon a mission to devise a hybrid framework of solutions supported by a competent set of professionals rendering all and any of the services that may be needed as an integrated solution  or utilized individually based on business needs.

At Ascent, we believe our competitive advantage arises from powering HR Service Delivery expertly and efficiently, based on our:

Service Partner Approach
Consulting Expertise
Delivery Excellence
Strong Technology Backbone
Project Migration Expertise
Tested Quality Processes
Focus on Information Security
All-Encompassing Services
Regional Solutions

ASCENT rebrands to reflect its current vibrancy and future potential

Jan 9, 2012 Bangalore, India. Ascent Consulting Services Private Limited (Ascent), a dominant HRO player in Indian market with growing presence in Latin /South America and APMEA markets launched its new Brand Identity and an updated website www.ascent-online.com

The new branding reflects its current position in the Indian market, where it has been growing at more than 50% CAGR year on year and its current capabilities to service clients in near geographies like APAC and in countries in the South American region. Ascent today services more than 160 clients in all this region with several of them being leading global corporates. Ascent touches lives of more than 250,000 employees through its services.

Powering People Practice

The byline to the brand, Powering People Practice, emphasizes that  Ascent services cover every aspect of HR in a corporate, with its proven Delivery, Technology and Consulting capabilities.

ASCENT featured in Smart Techie Magazine:  Transforming HR

Ascent's CEO Subramanyam was featured in the September 2011 issue of Smart Techie. Ascent is an emerging leader in the H R Delivery support business in India and has defined the practice of managing people in a unique and innovative way which it describes as the People Practice.

Ascent has been responsible for transforming HR practices and making an organization realize the full value of the potential of their employees ensuring speed, efficiency while ensuring a satisfied workforce.

ASCENT featured in The BPM Whitebook 2014-15 published by Business World :   HR Outsourcing

Ascent's CEO Subramanyam was featured in the first edition of BPM White Book by BW in which he discussed the growing issues around Talent Management and critical challenges of H R Outsourcing in India together with the ways and means to address them. 

ASCENT featured as the brand of the Year 2014 in Silicon India Magazine - Dec 2014 edition

Ascent was featured as the trusted expert in H R Service Delivery in the december 2014 edition of the Silicon Indid magazine with the caption " Powering H R Services Delivery Expertly & Efficiently" and vindicates the trust reposed by over 300 clients in Ascent accross India

Our CSR agenda

For evolution in society, two things need to happen Education & Employment. At Ascent, it is our Stand to be the cause & contribution in the co-creation of this reality. In our business, we enable our People Assets and enhance their potential to Create Value using a 4 fold strategy:

a) Providing employment to people from less privileged backgrounds, rural or backward sections of society.

b) Accommodating differently enabled people to be employed in our enterprise.

c) Intensively training & developing our People Assets to co-create a meaningful life of purpose, discipline, caring & concern, contributing to the evolution within & without.

d) Encouraging Ascentians to participate in:

    (I) Social Programs for Education of Destitute Children

    (II) Activities/Projects for Employment Awareness & Skills for backward/rural areas.

We believe in inclusive growth and hence aim to do our best in contributing towards it.

Case Studies

Payroll Benefits

MNC with over 10000 Employees spread across several locations

  • Successfully transitioned in 3 months
  • Integrated with Legacy HR application for data exchange
  • Measurable process improvements in H R Delivery
  • Reduced error rate to less than 0.5% from 8%
  • Exceeded set Delivery goals in the 2nd Qtr itself

Compliance and Consulting

Large corporate with our 6000 employees spread in several locations

  • Compliance Frame work devised in short period
  • Operationalised within 2 months
  • Compliance risk exposure reduced by more than 90%
  • Seamlessly integrated with CFO/CPO dashboard view
  • Online availability of Compliance Documents

Integrated H R Delivery Offering

Large Corporate with over 10000 emp spread across several Countries

  • Integrated offering of HR , Payroll and Benefits
  • Phased implementation country wise in short span
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency and integrated with Fin ERP
  • Uniformity achieved in HR Delivery while observing Statutories
  • Employee Payables introduced as a function


At Ascent, our inherent approach to assisting a client in any function always provides the best combination of skills knowledge resulting in an excellent outsourcing services or solutions.

Ascent's comprehensive HR service delivery suite

Ascent is acutely aware of the importance of People Assets. Our People Practices are the result of many years of research and expertise. Our focus is on matching talent to an appropriate, fulfilling career path.

People Practices

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation, investing time and resources to advance our employee force. A combination of leading edge technological tools / applications, focused training programmes coupled with high professional standards enable our people to succeed professionally while enhancing the overall growth of the company.

Our key word for career advancement is clarity. The intention is to groom leaders from within the organisation. Towards this end, our employees are trained and encouraged to understand, appreciate, and implement a client work process and standards, while ensuring a smooth delivery.


At Ascent, our attempt is to match people resources with the most appropriate openings / positions. We further strengthen our employee's professional abilities with a year-round system of continuous learning and domain help.

As corporates grow increasingly aware and concerned about employee satisfaction, the back office functions of payroll & benefits delivery coupled with the H R Self Service prove to be quite a challenge, both, professionally and personally.

Do choose from the following career opportunities at Ascent and reach us at recruitment@ascent-online.com:


ISMS (ISO 27001:2005) certified for Information Security Management

QMS (ISO 9001:2008) certified for Quality Management Processes

SSAE 16 Type II certified (formerly SAS 70 Type II)